22 June, 2004

Enjoy It, Loudon County

Finally, people are starting to give up on the idea of building a baseball stadium in Arlington, and have come up with a better idea: build it in Loudon County. Yesh!

Not that I think we even need a baseball team and stadium, but if they're going to build one in NoVA, any place far away from me is fine. The thought of traffic in Arlington, with even more people attempting to stream in from I-66 and I-395 on a regular basis, just chills me to the bone. Sure, I can avoid most of it, but still, plenty would spill out onto the side roads. (And if you live in the area, you know how I-66 slows to crawl right around the exits to Rt 29 and Westmoreland for no good reason, so just imagine a few thousand more people jamming up that point.)

Of course, I do have to question the naivete of the people in this project with their new hope of Loudon/Dulles:

The potential impact on Northern Virginia's clogged roads remained unclear. Curren's analysis showed that a typical 40-minute commute at 5:30 p.m. from Tysons Corner to Ashburn along the Dulles Toll Road would increase by two to four minutes on a game night, he said. The key congestion challenge, he said, is having enough entrances to the stadium to keep fans' cars from plugging roads outside the development.

Ha ha ha. "Two or four minutes". How cute. I think the people doing the studies should be forced to drive from Tysons to Dulles every day, during rush hour, if the stadium is built. Just so they can accumulate empirical evidence of this change.

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