21 August, 2004

Lead-free Water

Anti-Lead Chemical To Be Put In Water

A chemical that will be added to D.C. and Northern Virginia drinking water next week will produce a "noticeable reduction" in lead within a year, but it could be longer than that before some homeowners can stop using filters, an Environmental Protection Agency official said yesterday.

The colorless and tasteless chemical, phosphoric acid, coats the inside of plumbing to prevent lead from leaching into drinking water. It has been tried since June in a section of Northwest Washington. The EPA considers the test successful because there were no major problems with rusty water or elevated bacteria readings, two possible side effects.

Holy crap! The conspiracy nuts were right. The government is putting acid in my drinking water!

On Monday, two treatment plants run by the Army Corps of Engineers will add the chemical to water that goes to 1 million customers -- everyone in the District, Arlington, Falls Church and Vienna, as well as parts of northeast Fairfax County that receive water from Falls Church. It will take several days to disperse through the system.

Ha ha, Randy. You get the same crappy water as me!

18 August, 2004

More Head, Please

Belgians Like More Head:

That's according to Cirby Scyer, a draught developer for Belgian beer company, Stella Artois. He says a good Belgian beer pour leaves at least, "...two fingers of head in the glass,"

Scyer will be looking for lots of head starting next Tuesday (Aug. 24) in Philadelphia when the beer company holds Belgian beer pouring competitions for bartenders across the U.S.

As usual, I'm working for the wrong company.

12 August, 2004


People say to me, "how can you be so sure there is no god?" To answer that question, I present this proof. Would a loving and caring diety let this happen?

11 August, 2004

Sexy Sci-Fi

Fonda voted best of the vest

BARBARELLA has been named as the sexiest sci-fi character in the movies.

Milla Jovovich was second for her role of Leeloo in The Fifth Element, while Kristinna Loken was third for playing killer robot T-X in Terminator 3: The Rise of the Machines.

Milla. In second? No no no no:

Milla Jovovich in Resident Evil

Bloodrayne, the Movie

Vampire role bites Gandhi actor

Oscar-winning actor Sir Ben Kingsley is to play an evil vampire in a film based on the computer game BloodRayne.

The Gandhi star will play Kagan, the ruler of an army of bloodsuckers, in the $47m (£26m) movie, which is about to go into production in Romania.

Terminator 3 actress Kristanna Loken will play the title character, a half-vampire who has the strength of a monster but the emotions of a human.

She must overthrow Sir Ben's character to save the world from the living dead.

Wow. I can only hope this means the script for the movie is spectacular.

Grease Fire

pimply faced teenParaguay blaze 'caused by grease'. This kid unavailable for comment:

Blast You, Tommy Tutone!

While I don't think it will become as widespread at 867-5309, it looks like Alicia Keys has found a way to annoy some people in Georgia

Since the Grammy award winning singer's song "Diary" hit the pop charts, the Turners' phone has been ringing off the hook with people trying to talk to her.

But fans are just doing what they're told. The lyrics tell listeners to call a number that happens to match the Turners'.

You would think the recording industry lawyers would include a memo in the Welcome to Our Label package each new artist gets, that explains all phone numbers should use the fake 555 exchange.

10 August, 2004

Brace Yourselves

Ah, what a great headline: Florida braces for election

Buffy show cleared of indecency

Fucking uptight people: Buffy show cleared of indecency

The complaints made by the Parent TV Council and the Americans for Decency group were rejected because the shows did not violate FCC indecency rules.

Characters Buffy and Spike were shown having sex in a 2001 episode.

But the FCC said there was "little evidence that the activity depicted was dwelled upon".

The Commission concluded that the Buffy episode was not sufficiently explicit or graphic to be indecent and that the sex was not used "to pander, titillate or shock the audience".

"Yeah, if you could just stop, you know, having fun and enjoying the stuff on TV, we'd be really happy. Really, what could be better than watching 7th Heaven or the PAX network whenever you wanted to watch some TV?"


09 August, 2004


I always thought it was a joke about cops having quotas. Turns out, in Falls Church (VA), they do!

Falls Church police require patrol officers to write an average of three tickets, or make three arrests, every 12-hour shift, and to accumulate a minimum total of 400 tickets and arrests per year. In terms of quotas, writing a ticket for a broken taillight carries the same weight as an arrest for armed robbery.

Failure to meet the quotas results in an automatic 90-day probationary period with no pay raise and a possible demotion or dismissal if ticket or arrest numbers aren't immediately raised to acceptable levels. Vacation time, extended leave or military duty doesn't reduce the quota, union officials said -- patrol officers still are required to meet the annual ticket or arrest numbers, meaning they must write more tickets when they return to the streets to compensate for their time away.

National Arboretum

Pictures of my trip to the National Arboretum