10 August, 2004

Buffy show cleared of indecency

Fucking uptight people: Buffy show cleared of indecency

The complaints made by the Parent TV Council and the Americans for Decency group were rejected because the shows did not violate FCC indecency rules.

Characters Buffy and Spike were shown having sex in a 2001 episode.

But the FCC said there was "little evidence that the activity depicted was dwelled upon".

The Commission concluded that the Buffy episode was not sufficiently explicit or graphic to be indecent and that the sex was not used "to pander, titillate or shock the audience".

"Yeah, if you could just stop, you know, having fun and enjoying the stuff on TV, we'd be really happy. Really, what could be better than watching 7th Heaven or the PAX network whenever you wanted to watch some TV?"


1 comment:

  1. what? not used to titillate? waht was the zipper noise, then? and no dwelling upon it? i couldn't be the only person who hit rewind.... and rewind.... and rewind.... and rewind....ha. since i bet every buffy fan can pick out the episode in question, it probably should've been found to violate fcc indecency rules. stupid rules, anyway.