21 August, 2004

Lead-free Water

Anti-Lead Chemical To Be Put In Water

A chemical that will be added to D.C. and Northern Virginia drinking water next week will produce a "noticeable reduction" in lead within a year, but it could be longer than that before some homeowners can stop using filters, an Environmental Protection Agency official said yesterday.

The colorless and tasteless chemical, phosphoric acid, coats the inside of plumbing to prevent lead from leaching into drinking water. It has been tried since June in a section of Northwest Washington. The EPA considers the test successful because there were no major problems with rusty water or elevated bacteria readings, two possible side effects.

Holy crap! The conspiracy nuts were right. The government is putting acid in my drinking water!

On Monday, two treatment plants run by the Army Corps of Engineers will add the chemical to water that goes to 1 million customers -- everyone in the District, Arlington, Falls Church and Vienna, as well as parts of northeast Fairfax County that receive water from Falls Church. It will take several days to disperse through the system.

Ha ha, Randy. You get the same crappy water as me!

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  1. Hmm according to out 2003 water report there is no measurable lead in the water for the town of Vienna. These people must be thinking of some other town!http://ci.vienna.va.us/Town_Departments/water_quality.htm