29 October, 2004


Damnit. When it comes time to draw up useless charts and graphs based on pointless data from a tiny portion of the population, I'm not being counted! I tell ya, this makes me so mad, I'm just going to have to continue completely ignoring all of the polls that the media feels the urge to throw at me.

16 October, 2004

I'll Teach Your Grandmother to Suck Eggs!

First, Greg the Bunny, out on DVD. That makes life fantastic. Even more so, I just got my copy in the mail. Three days early! Hallelujah for buy.com!

But to make things even better in the world of DVDs, I'm walking through target this afternoon, and I find:
Cover of 'Ren & Stimpy' DVD

Ah. My precioussssses!

13 October, 2004

William Schaefer

Former governor and current state comptroller William D. Schaefer provides reason number 425321 for not living in the state of Maryland:

The mention of an HIV registry, something Schaefer championed without success a decade ago, had prompted an angry response from health officials and activists who believe that it would discourage people from being tested and seeking care. During yesterday's interview, Schaefer tried to explain why he continued to push a proposal that the legislature defeated three times in the 1990s.

"As far as I'm concerned, people who have AIDS are a danger," the comptroller said. "They're a danger to spread AIDS. People should be able to know who has AIDS. It costs an awful lot of money to treat them."

Maybe if we had some other way to identify those with AIDS. Hmmm. AIDS. AIDS. A! We could sew a big 'A' on these peoples' clothes. I'd be willing to be that you could find some surplus in Mass, or the surrounding areas.

"They bring it on themselves," Schaefer continued, saying risky behavior is the only way to get the disease. "They don't get it by sitting on the toilet seat. . . . A person who gives AIDS, who spreads AIDS, they're bad people. Everybody wants to be on the good side of everything. Well, I'm taking a stand."

Well, amazingly, he figured out you can't catch "the AIDS" by sitting on a toilet seat. Bravo!

05 October, 2004

Rap is Fake?

Original West Coast Rapper Says Today's Rap Is Fake

This won't be music to the ears of 50 Cent or G-Unit but one of the original west coast rappers says today's rappers are phonies just trying to sell a lot of records.

MC Eiht, a veteran Compton gangsta rapper, says these rappers, and mainstream rap in general, aren't real anymore because they're rapping about stuff they've never really been through, but it's still popular because "...radio stations and record executives like it and are accepting it."

Well, yeah, if anyone's going to know about fake rap, it'll be someone from the west coast.

FINALLY! (blah)

Greg the Bunny DVD coverIs there any reason you have not yet pre-ordered this DVD? Huh? Huh?

Yeah, enough of your excuses. Order it.

Hurry up punk. I haven't got all day.

Happy People With Jobs

Weed & Seed in a nutshell? Or the president's plan for Iraqi reconstruction?

You decide!

01 October, 2004

See Saw

Movie poster for SawI certainly hope you appreciate the life that you're given.

Wow. Saw. What is it? Horror. Yeah. Psychological thriller? Definitely. Disney-style musical? Nope. Buddy-cop actionfest? Well, a tiny bit.

The hard part about reviewing a movie like this is that you don't want to give anything away. Most of the time, you see a trailer for a movie, and you've got the gist of the movie. Usually, you've also seen the best parts summed up in two-three minutes.

When I saw the trailer for Saw in front of Resident Evil: Apocalypse, I got none of that. In fact, I wasn't especially drawn into the movie from what I saw. "Yeah, it looks interesting, but I can't imagine paying full price to see it." Matinee material, definitely. (And seeing it for free was just gravy.)

All I knew going into the movie was that Cary Elwes and some other guy (Leigh Whannell) are trapped in a room, each with shackles around one of their ankles. And then something to do with the eponymous saw. So you can see my doubts. "How can they pull of 90+ minutes of that?"

Extremely well, it turns out. 100 minutes after the start of the movie, I was in awe. A scary movie that actually scared me. It didn't rely on gore. It didn't rely on cheesy clichés. It got into my head. It felt oppressive. Most of the film is focused on this tiny room, and after awhile, I could feel the four walls around me. That mildly claustrophobic feeling I got when I watched Cube.

Some of the influences I noticed: Mad Max (the saw bit, naturally); Poltergeist; Chucky; Cube; Se7en; Blue Velvet; and some of the earlier Nine Inch Nails videos. Particularly Closer (with it's sepia-toned, mysteries of the trans-mundane action), but also the single-room aspect of Help Me I'm In Hell and Happiness in Slavery. Probably other stuff I'm not cultured enough to notice.

All in all, I give it 4 out of 5 objects of your choice.

(Please note: definitely not for children, or the faint of heart.)