12 December, 2004

Bloody Hippies

From the "please tell me this is a hoax story" file:

Cold storage: Despite a $7.5 million budget deficit, the city of Berkeley, Calif., bought a 40-foot-long refrigerated trailer last year for the sole purpose of storing shopping carts that had been commandeered by homeless people for their ''stuff'' but then abandoned. According to a November report in the San Francisco Chronicle, the city says the freezer prevents vermin infestation while authorities wait (up to 90 days) for the ''owners'' to reclaim their belongings. Critics of the program said the city should just confiscate the shopping carts, most of which had been stolen from merchants in the first place and almost all of which are never claimed, anyway.

Although if there is going to be any city in any state of this country that gets all concerned about a homeless person's belongings, it is going to be Berkeley, CA.

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