08 December, 2004


Tardy the TurtleGrading system gets an F

Personally, I have come to the conclusion that the University system makes absolutely no sense. Students pay teachers to educate us, yet they are then allowed to tell us how much we're learning. The whole situation seems akin to a boss paying her employee to clean toilets and the employee turning around and telling the employer how much she is or isn't happy with the cleaning job. If I'm paying someone to do my housekeeping, I'll be the one to tell the receiver of my hard-earned money exactly how well they did. Shouldn't it be the same with education?


I think many students have been part of a class in which they became exposed to important educational material and gained wonderful skills of analysis and understanding, however, their grade on a midterm or final did not necessarily reflect this education. A situation like this is the ultimate spit in the face: Students have paid someone to teach them, they have been taught, but an arbitrary grade makes it seem as though this learning never occurred. Their newfound education is not recognized, and they have, in essence, paid money to be told that they are idiots. If I want to be told that I'm an idiot, I could just get drunk and leave embarrassing messages on the phone machines of attractive men -- for free.

See, if you don't want that "spit in the face", as you call it, might I suggest you FUCKING STUDY and GET GOOD GRADES. When you get an A, it's like spitting in the teacher's face! Hey, how about that?

Eliminating the system of grading would surely do away with both of these problems. Suddenly, the purpose of schoolwork will be to garner knowledge, rather than to gain an artificial mark of how much learning one had achieved. Instead of concern about the symbol of achievement, achievement itself will be most prized. Stress in students will be significantly lessened once work is being done for reasons of personal satisfaction. Although some may argue that grades in college are essential to determining that the hardest workers are accepted to graduate school, perhaps a decrease of focus on grades will actually lead to more fair admission policies. Time not spent calculating grades could be used by teachers to write recommendations for the students who have truly shown the ability to work hard and be motivated to educate themselves.

Some might consider this communism. Personally, I consider this STUPID. More importantly, teachers writing recommendations "for the students who have truly shown the ability to work hard" is, y'know, GRADING.

Moron. Big mystery why you have such problems with your grades.

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  1. Good Point, however, higher education was not based on free-thinking minds such as your own. It is a sytem built by followers in order to create more followers. The majority of free-thinking and creative minds simply cannot flourish in an "institutional enviroment". My advice? Play their petty games with this thought in mind, graduate, and then take over the world!!