13 December, 2004

Snarky at work

I fucking hate people who find a technology, and figure that everything should be shoved into it. Case in point, from an e-mail I got today in regards to a project I'm working on:

This is my fault, but MPS had asked that the org charts and field maps be scanned in as pdfs this year. How long do you think it would take to do that and post them as alternate formats? I've asked Maria if it would be OK for us to post the OMF now and add the pdf files later.

Now consider that this is just links to images that I scanned in, currently in JPG format. Nothing too hard here. And yet, some idiot (and I'm not killing the messenger here...I know it's not her fault) decides that if PDFs are good for one thing, they must be good for everything.

I can only hope that my reply does not come off as too mean-spirited:

Okay, I'll be blunt: Why do they want them posted as PDFs?

I really need to see a compelling reason to switch from a small, light-weight image format that carries virtually no overhead, to a bulky PDF that will waste space and time as Acrobat as loaded to view each chart or map.

PDFs are _not_ the answer to everything. Particularly when it comes to individual image files. If MPS wants the whole thing scanned in as a PDF, I see no problem with that. Otherwise, we should stick with what we have.

Actually, I take that back. I don't hope for anything. I might be a jerk, but at least I've got my reasons for being such.

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