12 January, 2005

Adios, WHFS

Infinity Flips WHFS to Spanish

In a shocking move, Infinity has converted 20-year modern rock bastion WHFS Washington, D.C., to Spanish as "El Zol" 99.1. The station will play a mixture of Salsa, Merengue and Bachata, targeting adults 25-54.

"We have made clear our desire to expand into this burgeoning market and believe this move marks an important step in our commitment to Spanish radio," Infinity president/CEO Joel Hollander said in statement. "There exists a tremendous opportunity for Infinity to launch a Spanish-language format in Washington, D.C. where almost 10% of the population is not being directly served. El Zol will be the most powerful Spanish radio station in the area and will provide listeners with the music, entertainment and information relevant to the many segments of the Latino culture."

You know, all I can really say about this is: what the fuck? I mean, I understand the marketing needs to reach a diverse crowd of 25-54 year-olds and blah blah wank wank blah...but why not take one of those useless adult contemporary or lite jazz stations to experiment with? And more importantly, why be such chicken-shits about the whole thing and surprise us with the switch?

And a message to Infinity: I'm in that "prized" 25-54 demographic, and shit like this is what's going to make me subscribe to XM. My car stereo is already XM-compatible. I just need to buy the receiver and hook it all up. $10 (or less) per month sounds like a small price to pay to listen to decent music, and actually have some choice in what kind.

To paraphrase the summary, and quote our beloved vice-president: go fuck yourselves.

And to stave off the obvious attack: I really wouldn't care what format they had changed WHFS to, I would still be pissed. About the only format that wouldn't piss me off is the rarely heard "Only Music That James Likes (aka, No Music That Sucks)." And last I heard, there isn't a single station on this planet that can make that claim. (And trust me, your favorite station out in BFE that you've loved since high school; the one you mourn not having around and must suffer what we have here locally because no one is as good as they were; that station...it sucks, too.)

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