04 January, 2005

Halo 2 and Linksys Routers

If you happen to be using the Linksys Wireless G router (model WRT54G), and are having problems with Xbox live (specifically, not being able to join certain parties in Halo 2), do this:

Go to your router's setup page. (Probably, but consult your manual if you're not sure.)
Under Administration, Management, disable UPnP.
Save settings

Hopefully, you should be able to join parties now. Randy and I had been banging our heads over this issues for at least a week now. Following some random link on the Bungie website, I finally found that solution.

All I can say is, motherfucking hallelujah!

And apparently, this is a known issue, and Microsoft and Linksys are working hard on a fix. Which I'm guessing will require some kind of firmware upgrade for the Xbox, so it might never happen.

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