27 January, 2005

Make the Vagina Tight

Ladies and gentlemen, disreputable people of all ages, with the possible exception of children, step right up and hear me now! Do you suffer from the heartbreak of....EXCESS. VAGINAL. WETNESS? (Insert echo effect). Fear not, because I have for you today the miracle of modern science: Absorbshun. Yes, you heard me correctly, Absorbshun. Guaranteed to put an end to that embarrassing squishing noise you hear when knocking boots. Bumping uglies. Making the beast with two backs. Doin' the nasty. And other recreational pasttimes enjoyed by many throughout the world. Step right up and order your's now, while supplies last!


  1. Does your lover complain that sex with you is like dipping his willie in a glass of warm milk? Then Absorbshun is for you!

  2. You wrote (Insert echo effect)

    If there was already an echo effect, then Absorbshun may be for you.