28 February, 2005

Raising Prices

"Illegal downloading is killing our industry." "Booooo!"
"Hey, let's start offering our content for download at a price." "Yaaaay!"
"Wow, it's working. Let's raise the price." "Yaaaay!"
"People are illegally downloading music again." "Booooo!"

Why don't the executives at these various record labels just stop by their customers' houses and molest their pets? That would be the quickest and most efficient method to alienate them.

16 February, 2005

Movie Gallery

These jerks are currently trying to flood the DOJ with complaints about the acquisition of Hollywood Video by Movie Gallery. So I decided to take advantage of their e-mail form:

Dear Attorney General Gonzales,

I am very concerned with the actions of the group, Victims of Pornography, and their crusade against the Movie Gallery chain of video rental stores. And while I object to their moralising, I am more concerned about their blatant attempt at the creation of a Socialist "nanny-state", where the government is in charge of what businesses can or can not do.

I urge you to support the principles of capitalism and freedom, on which our great country was founded. If one company wishes to acquire another, in full-compliance with existing anti-trust laws, then I see no need for the government to get involved, and tell either company what to do.

To think that pornography does not exist in these neighborhoods, that the children have not seen naked people, is pure folly. And if these "concerned citizens" want to make a change, they can do so with their wallets. I am sure there are other video chains that they can rent from.

Rusty Shackleford

15 February, 2005

Feel the Excitement

Bill Gates announced IE7.

Well, he announced that they're working on it.

And that there might be a test version available. In summer.

I should start planning my migration from Firefox to IE, so I can beat the rush.

Fawlty Towers

Don't mention the war!

07 February, 2005

Linux Virgin

You can tell we've hit saturation point for porn: Linux Virgin

This funny series chronicles Karla Grundick, an eager linux groupie schoolgirl, as she is taught how to build a computer by Mistress Koyo, the cyber punk linux expert.

Yes, watch as Karla recompiles her kernel...with sexy results!

*Insert obligatory finger joke here*

Platinum Visa

Nerd alert!

04 February, 2005

Referer Spam

Well, now I know one of the products being used to create all of the referer spam I end up dealing with. Something called Reffy, found at http://www.reffy.net/. Even worse, my suspicions about why they do it have been confirmed:

Now, the premises behind the concept of referrer marketing are these: 1) all servers/hosts log the referrer information of the visitors coming to its sites; 2) an important part of all statistical programs is the displaying and linking of all logged referrer strings, which webmasters actively look at and click through because they are curious about what kinds of sites have links to their own sites; 3) a high and even sharply increasing number of websites, particularly "blogs", automatically link back to sites that have sent traffic to them in public "referrer tables" which surfers often use to find more and particularly relevant sites.

So to all of those people out there with those cute little "who's been linking to me?" scraps of code...fucking stop it.

And I would like to reiterate my position on spammers: they should all be drug out into the middle of the street, disemboweled, and then slowly beaten to death. Just because some people are stupid enough to listen to your spiel, doesn't mean the rest of want to.


From the President's State of the Union address:

Tonight I propose a three-year initiative to help organizations keep young people out of gangs, and show young men an ideal of manhood that respects women and rejects violence.

I am the only one who sees a kind of sick humor in that last bit? "Oh, we respect women...except when it comes to them making decisions about their own bodies." And the violence, well, that shouldn't be too hard to figure out.

I also like how SOTU looks an awful lot like STFU.

03 February, 2005

The Mac Mini

The Emporer's New Computer. This is either the most brilliant satire ever, or the stupidest person in the world. Unfortunately, the phrase "a DeVry graduate with an MCSE certification" at the bottom doesn't help the satire cause.

(Which is annoying, cause I had a great rant already written about it. Oh well.)