16 February, 2005

Movie Gallery

These jerks are currently trying to flood the DOJ with complaints about the acquisition of Hollywood Video by Movie Gallery. So I decided to take advantage of their e-mail form:

Dear Attorney General Gonzales,

I am very concerned with the actions of the group, Victims of Pornography, and their crusade against the Movie Gallery chain of video rental stores. And while I object to their moralising, I am more concerned about their blatant attempt at the creation of a Socialist "nanny-state", where the government is in charge of what businesses can or can not do.

I urge you to support the principles of capitalism and freedom, on which our great country was founded. If one company wishes to acquire another, in full-compliance with existing anti-trust laws, then I see no need for the government to get involved, and tell either company what to do.

To think that pornography does not exist in these neighborhoods, that the children have not seen naked people, is pure folly. And if these "concerned citizens" want to make a change, they can do so with their wallets. I am sure there are other video chains that they can rent from.

Rusty Shackleford


  1. I think this is a great idea, it almost has me signing up for some of ther groups that blanket the FCC with complaints so I can use their means for counter-complaints.I didn't even notice that breast during the half-time show! What kind of pervert uses tivo to back up and exam this sort of thing?

  2. bah. yes, the distribution of obscenity is illegal. but the definition of obscenity is subjective, and is different in different states.dickweeds.