31 March, 2005

Nothing's Hotter Than ASU!

Apparently, Appalachian State University is HOT HOT HOT!

[Link via Dave Barry's blog]

I Want My Western Cheeseburger!

"No, ma'am, I'm not sending the deputies down their over a cheeseburger..." [Windows Media]

I can not vouch for the authenticity of this tape. But I did work at a Burger King for a couple of years, in a small college town, mostly full of spoiled rich kids who made demands as if getting a cheap Whopper was enshrined in the Constitution. So I can certainly see how this call would have been made in the first place.

And let me just give some kudos to this 911 dispatcher for the way she handled the call. Did you ever know, that you're my hero?

[Link via Pandagon]

27 March, 2005

What Do I Want?

Schindlers' lawyer: Legal fight near end

In his five-page decision Saturday, Greer said that Schiavo's parents had failed to meet the burden of proof necessary to prove their latest assertion: that Terri Schiavo had attempted to verbalize "I want to live."

The motion filed by Schiavo's parents motion said, "She managed to articulate the first two vowel sounds, first articulating AHHHHHHH and then virtually screaming WAAAAAAAA."

But virtually no chance she was trying to say "I want to die", I'm sure.

25 March, 2005

See a Need, Fill a Need

Man Sells Device That Blocks Fox News

It's not that Sam Kimery objects to the views expressed on Fox News. The creator of the "Fox Blocker" contends the channel is not news at all. Kimery figures he's sold about 100 of the little silver bits of metal that screw into the back of most televisions, allowing people to filter Fox News from their sets, since its August debut.

So I wonder how much longer before we get the conservative version that blocks out CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC. And PBS. Oh, Comedy Central. Probably Food TV, as well.

24 March, 2005

Testing geshi

Here is some code:

import cElementTree as ElementTree
import pg
import time

dbPrefix = 'blog'
tree = ElementTree.parse('miscdebris.xml')
elem = tree.getroot()
ItemList = elem.findall('item')[/python]


You're probably thinking to yourself, if you're one of my five regular readers: the hell?!

I've been looking around for some new blogging software, and for now, at least, I've settled on Serendipity. For some reason, I became popular with the comment spam, and the Blacklist plugin for Movabletype just wasn't cutting it. With this, I get moderation of comments (plus other nifty and probably pointless features.)

And yeah, I'm going to be working on how the site displays stuff. Just as soon as I can figure out the templating system.

Don't forget to update your bookmarks to point to http://blog.jgumby.com

22 March, 2005


Ah, good ol' judicial tyranny. At least, according to Rick Santorum:

"You have judicial tyranny here," Santorum told WABC Radio in New York. "Congress passed a law that said that you had to look at this case. He simply thumbed his nose at Congress."

I hear it was actually more of a pick-and-flick at Congress.

"That's nice for him to say that. But that's not what Congress told him to do," he added. "Judges should obey the law. And this judge - in my mind - simply ignored the law."

Oh yeah, I forgot about that long-lost Article VIII (or maybe Amendment 10.5) of the US Constitution: The judiciary, when told to do so by the legislature, with full consent of the executive, shall roll over and play dead, like good little doggies.

[Warning: link goes to NewsMax]

20 March, 2005

In My Backyard (20 Mar 2005)

A few snapshots from my backyard. These flowers have just started poking up in the backyard, completely on their own:

mystery flower mystery flower

Anyone know what they are? I'm sure they're common enough that I should know, but sadly, my botany classes in college didn't involve a lot of identifying different flowers. Mostly just theory on botany. How useful!

And hopefully not too early, I've planted some bushes. One is a gooseberry bush, the other two are raspberries. I think we're safe from frost, but of course, as I was finishing up with the dirt, the thunder and lightning started. Hopefully, nothing too major and it won't upset anything. But hey, they were four bucks each, so I'm not going to get too worked up over it.

Update: The mystery flowers are crocus. Crocuses. Croci. Crocusen. Something like that.

Temper Tantrum

I have to wonder why Michael L. Cady, commissioner in Frederick county, Maryland, decided to throw a big temper tantrum in public. Couldn't he have just threatened to hold his breath until he turned blue?

16 March, 2005

11 March, 2005


From an article about the Left Behind series of books in Harper's Magazine:

Seeking a better view of the action, Rayford abandons his ATV for a Hummer, "riding shotgun," which, write Jenkins and LaHaye in something less than a Proustian reverie, "transported him back to college when he and his fraternity brothers would compete to call the favored seat, sometimes as much as twenty-four hours before a trip." [Emphasis mine]

Now, I'm sorry. But calling shotgun 24 hours in advance? We all know that's BS. How can I accept a story from an author who obviously doesn't even understand the basic rules of shotgun? Sheesh.

09 March, 2005

Screenshots of the Real World

Screenshots of the Real World

A series of drawings from an isometric perspective, in the style of a computer game. The subject of each drawing is the image, or images, that created a popular cultural event. Historical events (like the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at the Lorraine Motel) are used interchangeably with fictionalized events (like the picnic scene from The Sound of Music).