24 March, 2005


You're probably thinking to yourself, if you're one of my five regular readers: the hell?!

I've been looking around for some new blogging software, and for now, at least, I've settled on Serendipity. For some reason, I became popular with the comment spam, and the Blacklist plugin for Movabletype just wasn't cutting it. With this, I get moderation of comments (plus other nifty and probably pointless features.)

And yeah, I'm going to be working on how the site displays stuff. Just as soon as I can figure out the templating system.

Don't forget to update your bookmarks to point to http://blog.jgumby.com


  1. Whoa! DMTA!Who'da thunk it, but I've been doing the same thing lately. YaBB has too many bugs, and the upgrade path to the just-released-still-in-beta version is just too complicated to be worth the effort.I think I'm settling on TikiWiki, because it has a plugin to render mathematical notation correctly (using images if the formula is too complicated for CSS to handle). It 'does' blogs, but -- the whole chronological order thing is just too tidy for me.P.S. No paragraph breaks in comments anymore?P.P.S. Having to turn emoticons left-facing just to keep them in ASCII is a real nuisance! (:

  2. yeah, yabb doesn't strike me as being all that great. it's been around for _how_ long, and it still does that thing where all of the messages are marked as unread? that's just not good design.i've played around with tikiwiki a bit, and it looks quite nice. just more features than i need for my site. but i'm considering it for other projects.the emoticon plugin has been disabled, and i turned on the nl2br plugin so the comments look normal. i'm not super happy with how serendipity handles autoformatting, but nl2br will do until i can write my own plugin to handle it.