20 March, 2005

In My Backyard (20 Mar 2005)

A few snapshots from my backyard. These flowers have just started poking up in the backyard, completely on their own:

mystery flower mystery flower

Anyone know what they are? I'm sure they're common enough that I should know, but sadly, my botany classes in college didn't involve a lot of identifying different flowers. Mostly just theory on botany. How useful!

And hopefully not too early, I've planted some bushes. One is a gooseberry bush, the other two are raspberries. I think we're safe from frost, but of course, as I was finishing up with the dirt, the thunder and lightning started. Hopefully, nothing too major and it won't upset anything. But hey, they were four bucks each, so I'm not going to get too worked up over it.

Update: The mystery flowers are crocus. Crocuses. Croci. Crocusen. Something like that.

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