12 April, 2005

Age Limit

Ah, the race card.

"In the last two or three years, the rookie of the year has a been a high school player. There were seven high school players in the All-Star game, so why we even talking an age limit?" said O'Neal, who was drafted out of high school in 1996 by the Portland Trail Blazers.

"As a black guy, you kind of think that's the reason why it's coming up. You don't hear about it in baseball or hockey. To say you have to be 20, 21 to get in the league, it's unconstitutional. If I can go to the U.S. army and fight the war at 18, why can't you play basketball for 48 minutes?"

So much about the Constitution that I never knew! Somewhere, enshrined in that document, is my right to play professional sports. What an absolutely amazing document. No wonder our country kicks so much ass! I'll bet the Iraqis won't find that in their constitution.

Although what's really scary is the idea that maybe, just maybe, the NBA is trying to encourage kids to stay in school and develop some skills that will help them after their career-ending injuries. Or not. I can't really imagine any sports league caring that much about its players.

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