17 April, 2005

All the Tea in China

Okay, so the gist of this story is that someone is ripping off people by selling a PB&J for $6.50 and a bowl of Corn Flakes for $7.50. (That someone would actually pay that much is an amazing act of stupidity...but oh well, people are stupid.) What I found odd was this:

THERE'S AN E-MAIL bumping around cyberspace that, because gas prices are approaching $3 per gallon, tries to put things in perspective on your next trip to the pump. In an effort to soothe your angst, the missive points out that Lipton Iced Tea costs $9.52 per gallon, and Gatorade costs $10.17 per gallon. Diet Snapple? $10.32 per gallon.

Who the fuck is paying that much for Lipton Iced Tea? You can buy a box of tea bags for less than four bucks, and that box makes gallons and gallons of iced tea. If you're going to complain about the price of something, try not picking items that you can make yourself for a lot less...you just end up looking like a fool paying for water, packaging and shipping. Same thing goes for the Gatorade, although I have no idea how much a package of the powder costs, so maybe it is closer to $10.17/gallon, but I doubt it.

Oh, and this isn't direted to the writer of the article, it's directed to whomever wrote the e-mail she was quoting. The author was smart and pointed out the folly in comparing the relative prices of gas and iced tea, seeing as how your car doesn't run on iced tea.

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  1. your car doesn't run on iced tea, but the production process may rely on petroleum products in some manner, and the transportation of the raw leaf to the processing plant to the distributor to the store certainly does. as gas prices go up, so do groceries.but maybe that's not what she's getting at.