27 April, 2005

Google Maps and Directions

Today, I asked Google Maps for directions to Chantilly, VA. It told me:

  1. Head north from N Vermont St - go 0.1 mi

  2. Turn left at Wilson Blvd - go 2.2 mi

  3. Turn right at Arlington Blvd - go 0.3 mi

  4. Bear left onto the US-50 W ramp to Fairfax - go 3.0 mi

  5. Take the I-495 ramp to Richmond/Rockville (I-66) - go 0.1 mi

  6. Take the I-495 N ramp to Rockville (I-66) - go 1.0 mi

  7. Take the I-66 W exit 49C to Vienna/Front Royal - go 6.7 mi

  8. Take the US-50 W exit 57B to Fair Oaks/Winchester - go 0.9 mi

  9. Continue - go 0.2 mi

  10. Continue on Lee Jackson Memorial Hwy - go 7.0 mi

  11. Continue on US-50 W - go 1.9 mi

  12. Chantilly-specific directions

As far as I can tell, I didn't ask for the longest, and most convoluted, route to get to US 50 past the Beltway possible.

Even better, if I ask for directions from the intersection of Wilson Blvd & Glebe Rd (less than two blocks from my house), it tells me to drive up Glebe, hang a left on Washington Blvd, and then get on I-66W when they intersect.

My house is less than half of a mile from the Fairfax Drive on-ramp to I-66W. The Wilson & Glebe intersection is even closer to said on-ramp. I ask you, what does Google Maps have against Fairfax Drive in Arlington?!

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