18 April, 2005

I've Been Everywhere, Man

While walking back from Lazy Sundae (hey, they did good on their last few health inspections), I got to thinking: eating bubblegum ice cream is like eating watermelon...just with tastier seeds.

Just thought I'd share the kind of nonsense that fills my head while walking around and eating ice cream.

Also bought some new earphones for my iPod from the Apple Store up in Clarendon. Sadly, they no longer carry the old skool, white earbuds. Well, at least, not without a remote control for the dock-style iPods. Which I don't have. Thanks for making me regret my early adoption of the iPod, Apple.

They're trying to sell those damn in-ear buds. Which I bought a pair of a while back, and I just hated them. My ears must be freakishly designed (and no comments from the peanut gallery), because no matter what combination of attachments I used, I could never get a comfortable fit. So it goes.

Instead, I bought the Plantronics MX100S, which has the added advantage of being a handsfree headset for my cell phone. After some fiddling around to get the bastards in my ears, I was very happy with how they felt on the walk home, and the sound was great. $40 well spent, I think.


  1. Hey! How come I get 'nut'? ;)

  2. heh. i'm glad i'm the gallery.

  3. James, did you get Heath on your sundae?

  4. Nope, I have yet to visit the shop where Heath comes on your sundae for only 25 cents.Or was it 50 cents?

  5. I am sure there is some joke here about no price being too great, or too low or something.

    If you dig deep enough I am sure you will find it.