25 April, 2005

Web Analysis

Just some quick stats:

Product Start Time Finish Time
Urchin 10:41:45 AM 1:07:36 PM
Webtrends Reporting Center 9:18:40 AM Still going

Now, the sad thing is, this isn't really a fair comparison.

For some background, this is happening on a Windows XP box with dual-P4 CPUs (3.4Ghz each) and 2GB of physical RAM.

The Webtrends profile is reading 2.2GB worth of log files, spread out over two servers (load-balancing). The start date is Aug 1, 2004.

The Urchin profile is for only one of the load-balancing servers, and it's start date is Jan 1, 2005. It has 20.0GB of logs to read.

Both applications are running on the same machine, obviously at the same time. Just to reiterate, Webtrends is still working on it's report. It's much, much smaller report. At the time of this post, it had made it through January 23, 2005. So at least somewhere past the 50% point.


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