27 May, 2005

20 May, 2005

16 May, 2005

Rabbits and Roosevelt Island

RabbitFirst off, don't let this guy's cute and fuzzy appearance fool you: he's a vicious killer. With big fangs.

Pointy fangs!



Well, okay. He (and his compatriot in the other pictures) are only killers of plants. But they're my plants, damnit. Poor little beanstalks never even had a chance to grow to the clouds!

Plus, rabbits do this weird thing where they pee on your feet. Or at least, I hope it's pee. But I digress.

Got these pictures right before I headed over to see Jenny. Little bastards just sitting there, in my garden, looking at me like nothing was wrong.

"What, you mean you didn't plant these for us? INCONCEIVABLE!"

Anyone know any good stew recipes?

So anyways, picked up Jenny and her dog, and headed over to Roosevelt Island. And took pictures. Enjoy. (I'll get around to captioning them at some point.)

15 May, 2005

Don't Mess With (Virginia and) Texas

Some people seemed concerned that the South is getting more military than the rest of the country.

"Virginia and Texas have bigger militaries that just about anybody on the planet," says John Pike, a defense analyst at GlobalSecurity.org. With this realignment, he adds, "It's accentuated."

13 May, 2005

Quick Review: 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy'

My thoughts on The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy:

  • Mos Def made a great Ford Prefect.

  • The Vogons were dead on. Fat, bloated sacks wearing pin-stripes and monacles, requesting "Permission to Persue" forms, does a great job of capturing the overly-bureaucratic and officious nature of the species.

  • Marvin needed more screen time. And why no complaints about the pain running down the diodes on his left side?

  • Nice cameo by the original Marvin. Might have been interesting to see both Marvins talking to each other, although I suspect that would do wonders to depress the entire audience.

  • I want my next computer to look like Deep Thought. Only smaller.

  • All in all, I thought the writing was pretty good. (I'd hope so, since Adams did the early drafts of the screenplay.) Yes, many of the jokes were eviscerated from their form in the original series. I didn't kill my enjoyment of the movie, though.

Honestly, I think they did a pretty good job with this particular adaptation. Is it perfect? Was I sitting in wide-eyed fan-boy fascination during the whole thing? Did it make me want a cup of some beverage that tastes similar too, but wholely unlike, tea? Well, no. But still, I give it a B. I enjoyed watching it, I thought the new material was good

Cute Little Kittens

Awwww! How cute! Show me another!

10 May, 2005

Size 13 Head

Damn, my head is big.

But much less ugly when shaved than I would have ever thought. Although I'm certain if I shaved it close with a razor, the bumps and ridges woudln't be all that great.

Sorry, no pictures. It's a real pain trying to use a camera on yourself.

Courage and Hvala

Courage and Hvala playingI've been watching Jenny and Gary's ferret for the last week or so. And for those of you that know me, you probably know my cat, who is afraid of...well, everything. But interestingly enough, Courage (the cat) has gotten along fairly well with Hvala (the ferret).

Some pix I snapped of them "playing" together. Sadly, I was not quick enough to get a really good shot of Hvala riding Courage like an elephant. But oh well. Maybe some other time.

At the Uptown


Oh well, at least they're not as bad as these guys.

Fuckin' Ya Moms

This should probably not be viewed by anyone: Fuckin' Ya Moms in da Ass


02 May, 2005


old school pirate bootleg mp3s

Link via WFMU's Beware of Blog

Quick Review: 'House of Wax'

Just got back from watching House of Wax, and let me just say, worth every penny...of my free screening. Ha!

Best part of the movie: Paris Hilton's death. Worst part: It doesn't happen in the first fifteen minutes. So it goes.

As horror movies go, it wasn't too terrible. It didn't rely on bad special effects, and it definitely tried to build some suspense. Sadly, the lack of decent dialogue, or maybe just the bad delivery, really kept the movie down. Well, that and the Tiger Beat generation a few rows over screaming for that dreamy Chad Michael Murray.

Final grade: C-. Wait for the video, and put it in your Netflix queue.