16 May, 2005

Rabbits and Roosevelt Island

RabbitFirst off, don't let this guy's cute and fuzzy appearance fool you: he's a vicious killer. With big fangs.

Pointy fangs!



Well, okay. He (and his compatriot in the other pictures) are only killers of plants. But they're my plants, damnit. Poor little beanstalks never even had a chance to grow to the clouds!

Plus, rabbits do this weird thing where they pee on your feet. Or at least, I hope it's pee. But I digress.

Got these pictures right before I headed over to see Jenny. Little bastards just sitting there, in my garden, looking at me like nothing was wrong.

"What, you mean you didn't plant these for us? INCONCEIVABLE!"

Anyone know any good stew recipes?

So anyways, picked up Jenny and her dog, and headed over to Roosevelt Island. And took pictures. Enjoy. (I'll get around to captioning them at some point.)

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