30 June, 2005


Damnit, not only do Europeans make better beer than us (for the most part), but they make better beer commercials, too.

29 June, 2005

The Gay White North

Canada's House of Commons votes to legalise same-sex marriage. Now, listening to the religious leaders here in America, I'm fully expecting the wrath of god to hit Canada in full-force, assuming their Senate approves the legislation. Will we be able to view the fireworks from our northern border states? Should they start setting up an asbestos wall of some sort to protect themselves?

The legislation applies to civic weddings at public places like city halls and courthouses. No religious groups will be forced to sanctify same-sex marriages if they don't want to.

There, see. It's like what I've been saying all along: The government should only concern itself with civil unions for whatever secular purposes it might serve, while marriage itself should be handled by churches for spiritual reasons. Then maybe everyone can shut the fuck up about it.

22 June, 2005

There is this theory

There is this theory of the moebius...a twist in the fabric of space where time becomes a loop.

15 June, 2005


"I guess it'll always be a monument to Grandma's secret drinking problem."



Civ IV Addicted?

No more turns

Latin, I love it. I love Latin. I love the sound. I love all the Xs. I love that JLo. She's Latin. She's got what all the kids are calling today...She's got that much back. Or, mucho espalda, as they say in esapañol.

13 June, 2005

Picture Pages

Finally got around to trying out some image management systems for my website, and I've settled on Gallery. Looks pretty good so far. Fairly easy to use, and it's nice having all of my images finally grouped.

Although it sucks trying to caption so many photos.

Anyways, you can see them here.

Surely, you can't be serious?

I am. And don't call me Shirley.

10 June, 2005

09 June, 2005

Face Reader

Following Randy's lead, I checked out Face Analyzer.

Face analysis

Much like Randy's, my analysis is a bit questionable. 53% Korean/Japanese, 47% Chinese.

For comparison:
Me in middle school: 1% eastern european, 20% southern european, 36% anglo saxon and 43% korean/japanese
Me just now: 29% middle eastern, 16% anglo saxon, 21% korean/japanese and 24% chinese
My dad: 31% eastern european, 62% southern european and 7% anglo-saxon
My mom: 24% eastern european, 27% southern european, 48% anglo saxon
And my older brother: 58% southern european and 42% anglo saxon

Oh well. Konichiwah, bitches.

08 June, 2005

Cinco de Mayo

Next year, I'm asking for the day off (choose the EH version).

Found via Plogress, which has extremely useful RSS feeds detailing just what your elected officials are doing.

02 June, 2005


Ah, would you look at that...Someone threw away a perfectly good ferret.

Hvala in the garbage Hvala in the garbage

Haute High Tension

Movie: High Tension
Directed by: Alexandre Aja
Starring: Cécile de France, Maïwenn le Besco, and a whole bunch of other French people you've never heard of
Rating: 3 out of 5

Synopsis: Marie (de France) goes to the French countryside to visit her friend Alex's (Maïwenn) famiy, who are recent transplants to the area. Then, someone has to come and start killing everyone.

There's more. I could go on about bad Freudian imagery. Or anti-empowerment message that seems to come through. But that's a lot of words, and I've got pictures of a ferret I need to post.

Squirrel's Nuts

Why is everything here completely pointless?

(It's a new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory trailer)

01 June, 2005

Happy Birthday

According to the Wikipedia entry on Scotch whisky:

Whisky has been produced in Scotland for hundreds of years. It is generally agreed that Dalriadan Scottish monks brought distillation with them when they came to Caledonia to convert the Picts to Christianity in the fourth and fifth centuries A.D. Friar John Cor recorded the first known batch of scotch whisky June 1st 1495. The first taxes on whisky production were imposed in 1644, causing a rise in illicit whisky distilling in the country. In 1823, Parliament eased the restrictions on licensed distilleries, while at the same time making it harder for the illegal stills to operate, ushering in the modern era of Scotch production.

So happy birthday to Scotch! Everyone give yourself a gift and down a glass of something single malted tonight.


Free doughnut on Friday (the 3rd) from Krispy Kreme.