09 June, 2005

Face Reader

Following Randy's lead, I checked out Face Analyzer.

Face analysis

Much like Randy's, my analysis is a bit questionable. 53% Korean/Japanese, 47% Chinese.

For comparison:
Me in middle school: 1% eastern european, 20% southern european, 36% anglo saxon and 43% korean/japanese
Me just now: 29% middle eastern, 16% anglo saxon, 21% korean/japanese and 24% chinese
My dad: 31% eastern european, 62% southern european and 7% anglo-saxon
My mom: 24% eastern european, 27% southern european, 48% anglo saxon
And my older brother: 58% southern european and 42% anglo saxon

Oh well. Konichiwah, bitches.


  1. Bleah.

    [B]y submitting your photograph and/or any personal information, you thereby waive any privacy expectations you have with respect to our use of your likeness or personal information provided to us. If you do not wish to have your picture or information about yourself viewed by or disclosed to others, do not use our Service. We reserve the right to transfer such information without your consent for any reason including and not limited to enabling us to prevent an emergency, to protect or enforce our rights, to protect or enforce the rights of a third party or in response to a court order or subpoena as otherwise required or permitted by law. In addition, we provide this personal information to third-party service providers who help us maintain our Service and deliver information and services to you and other users of our Service.

    ...Hey, no 'preview' button? How'll I know if the HTML works without just taking a shot at it?

  2. If they can find my email address simply by looking at the picture I sent in, I'll eat my hat!