29 July, 2005

Album Refund

Refund Possible If You Bought Evanescence's 'Anywhere But Home'

HAGERSTOWN, Md. (AP) - People who bought Evanescence's album "Anywhere But Home" at any Maryland Wal-Mart store last year would be entitled to a refund from Sony BMG Music Entertainment under a proposed settlement in a lawsuit that claims the album contained explicit lyrics but didn't carry a parental advisory sticker.

Here I was, hoping that someone had finally wised up and started allowing refunds for albums that suck.

12 July, 2005

Bus firm takes car sharers to court

Bus firm takes car sharers to court

Instead a group of French cleaning ladies who organised a car-sharing scheme to get to work are being taken to court by a coach company which accuses them of "an act of unfair and parasitical competition".

Buh. Juh. Wha. Huh?

It's like someone in France said "You know what? There are a lot of stupid and frivolous lawsuits going on in America. We must find a way to top them all."

And to you, monsieur or madame French-person, I tip my hat.

Woman defies driving ban

Woman defies driving ban, saves husband?

RIYADH (Reuters) - A Saudi woman defied a ban on women driving to get her husband urgent medical help after he collapsed at the wheel, Al-Watan newspaper said Tuesday.

It said the couple was driving from the eastern city of Dammam to the capital Riyadh Sunday night when the man started having trouble breathing and lost consciousness.

His wife, who had learned to drive on trips to the desert, jumped behind the wheel and drove 10 miles down the motorway to a gas station where he was treated.

"Thanks for saving my life, honey. But I'm afraid we're going to have to stone you now. Nothing personal."

11 July, 2005

The NY Dog

The New York Dog Magazine.

Let me just repeat that. The New York Dog Magazine. With obituaries!

I don't care how cool you think NYC is...this magazine negates it ALL.

Skateboarder jumps China's Great Wall

Great Wall gap!

Now all he needs is to spell S-K-A-T-E and he'll be able to move on to the next city.