01 August, 2005

Aeon Flux

Theron re-designs skimpy superheroine costume

Hollywood star Charlize Theron forced movie bosses to change her costume design for forthcoming movie Aeon Flux - after deciding her character's original outfit was too revealing.

Yeah, Charlize...that's just how the outfit is. Here, look:

├Žeon Flux

If you can't handle it, maybe someone else should've been cast.

(This picture came up during a Google image search. Kudos to the young lady. Very nicely done costume.)


  1. yet another reason to intensely dislike charlize. what, had she never seen the cartoon? sheesh.

  2. Yet another reason to instensely dislike supposed fans of the series, that don't know the first thing about it. The costume she wears in the film is taken from the show, episode A Last Tiome For Everything. Aeon in tghe show wore different costumes, and so does Charlize in the movie.....Sheesh!