21 September, 2005

Serenity, now

Okay, okay. Try to keep this spoiler free. Let's see...

Just got back from a screening of Serenity, and HOLY SHIT YOU'RE JUST SITTING THERE AND NEXT THING YOU KNOW...

No, no. Calm. You're blowing it. Gonna ruin the whole movie for everybody else.


Anyways, to keep this short and simple: Serenity, good. Beer, foamy. Go, see it. It does a wonderful job of expanding on the existing storylines from the television series, but also stands on its own for those who have never watched an episode. (Well, hopefully...I'm fully immersed in the series, so I can't really offer an objective opinion on that last part.)

And yes, some huge things happen. Really big. So big that if I were to even leak a hint of them, you would curse me. You'll be sitting there in the theatre, your mouth agape, realising "yes, James is right...that's some major shit...I'm glad he didn't spoil it for me", like so many other people might callously do.

06 September, 2005

Chocolate Bombs

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: don't accept chocolates from Nazis

It Has Lyrics

Not only does the theme to Star Trek have lyrics (something I remember reading about before, but never really cared enough to look up), but William Shatner will be singing them during the next Emmy telecast:

Finally, Shatner will perform the theme from "Star Trek" with opera star Frederica von Stade. The song actually has lyrics -- penned by series creator Gene Roddenberry -- in addition to Shatner's "final frontier" narration.

I don't suppose there's anyway we could get Bill Murray singing about Star Wars instead?


Shows I need to remember to add to the DVR's recording schedule:

  • Arrested Development (FOX)

  • My Name is Earl (NBC)

  • The Night Stalker (ABC)

  • Everybody Hates Chris (UPN)

  • The Colbert Report (COM)

This has been a purely informational post to help me remember something. Thank you for playing along.

02 September, 2005

"Russ Potts is an angry, bitter, spiteful man,"

Potts Wages Final Campaign with a Vengeance

But Potts derides Kilgore's plan to subject all tax increases to a referendum as a craven abdication of duty, and that goes for his idea to establish regional transportation authorities and require voters to OK new taxes for any projects they would launch.

"No. 1, 'referendum' is spelled 'coward' _ C-O-W-A-R-D," Potts said, sneering in disgust.

"The referendum is Tuesday, Nov. 8. That's when the next governor's elected," he said.