08 December, 2005

Under the Bridge in Donaldson Run

Geocache: 1
Geocaching waypoint: GCM2DV

So, this was my very first geocache. I went out hikingwalking with Jenny and Snuffy, and 6.1 miles later, with the aid of my new Garmin Etrex Legend, I had found the plastic bowl underneath a bridge that was the geocache. I've got to say, it was tons of fun, although a little bit frustrating to pinpoint the actual location of the cache.

Right now, the plan is for Randy and I to do some hiking along Bull Run, find the Weird Stone House, and then take the travel bug elsewhere. We'll see what happens with this one.

Update: See our track


  1. Hey -

    Welcome to the gecocaching community!!

    Great to have another geocacher with a blog!

    Mike and Barb

  2. How do you like your GPS? We have the Magellan Explorist 210 and have been having all sorts of problems... the first model was already replaced once for being off on location points. For example, telling us that we are 60+ feet above sea level here in New Orleans. Apparently, it works okay if points are entered as "general" points, not "geocache" points. Maybe it's a fluke since it's a new product and needs a few software updates?

    Anyway -- we're "Tabmow" (ie: wombat, backwards) on geocaching.com.

  3. so far, I really like my GPS. my biggest gripe is that it has a difficult time finding satellites when I first power it up. now, this could easily be a problem of where I'm located (lots and lots of trees), but as long as I'm patient, I eventually get a signal.