15 December, 2005

Weird Stone House

Geocache: 2
Geocaching waypoint: GC81C0

Well, Randy and I braved the cold and the snow on Sunday and went out hiking in Fountainhead Park. Definitely more of a challenge when you've got a couple of inches of snow that have hardened over after a couple of days of thaw and freeze. Luckily, after reading the description of where the geocache was located, I was fairly confident I knew what to look for. And really, we only made one major error starting out, which added about a mile to our total distance. But hey, it's not like we haven't been out there hiking before, so no big loss.

Randy gets credit for finding the actual container, hiding in part of a foundation of the old house. I currently have the Old Glory travel bug (TBKP8K) in my possession, and hopefully we'll get up to Maryland soon and leave it in a cache up there.

You can see our route here. Pictures will go up as soon as I can find the USB cable for my camera.

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  1. Hiking in crusty snow is at least twice as tiring as hiking on nice dry dirt.