10 January, 2006

New Year's Resolutions

My resolutions for the new year:

  • Watch less TV. Of course, I don't mean cut out all TV. That's just ridiculous. Mainly I'm trying to break myself of my habit of just watching television, even when there's nothing on. I've had years (and years) of practice, so I really don't even realize I'm doing it. So basically, if I'm going to watch TV, it's because there is something to actually watch, that I plan on watching.

  • Exercise. Mostly, try to keep up the walking after work (which I'm doing so-so on so far), and start riding my bike as soon as it's feasible. Maybe this weekend, since the weather gods have decided to punish us with horribly fair weather this week!

  • Geocache. Which also ties in with exercising, since there's plenty of walking to get to a geocache (or so I've noticed). Of course, this means actually finding geocaches, something Randy and I have been having problems with as of late.

  • Update this site. Big plans in store for all of jgumby.com.
    Well, okay, probably not all that big, but plans none-the-less! Stay tuned, gentle reader, to find out more.

Let's hope that I least get that last one done. A whole year without getting anything done on the site is just going to be sad.

1 comment:

  1. After our first great geocaching expeditions, the last two have seemed more like the ruin of a good walk than an interesting sport. I blame Garmin.