07 March, 2006


Who's having the Stupidest Week Ever? (To rip off VH-1's Best Week Ever)

At work, I've written a simple web app that allows our public affairs office to post their own press releases to the internet, just by doing a copy-and-paste from Word or Wordperfect, into a form in their browser. Simple application for simple people, you could say.

Well, I get an e-mail. "Everytime I paste the text into the form and hit review, the preview of the text is all mashed together", or something like that. I get a copy of the original document, and it looks like a normal document. I copy the text and paste it, and sure enough, it all mashes together.

Turns out, the genius who created this document formatted the paragraphs with tabs. Now, I don't mean they just hit tab at the beginning of every paragraph to have it indent (which is generally acceptable). Oh no, instead of hitting return at the end of a paragraph, they just hit tab. Over and over and over, until they were two lines further down the screen, and ready to start the next paragraph.

That's right. Someone's administrative assistant is having the Stupidest Week Ever. Congratulations!

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  1. When I worked at the New Media Center at VT one of my jobs was to assist with the electronic thesis and dissertation program. I wish I could say that using only tabs was the only stupid formatting trick I saw, but it wasn't. :-)