27 April, 2006


The following happened to me today work. I can't quite figure out if it's something out of Office Space, or just the general hassle of working for the government.

  • I get an e-mail from one of my supervisors (one of the many problems with being a contractor, I have way too many people in conflicting and unrelated supervisory roles above me), asking for a login to the web calendar application I've been testing. I promptly ignore the e-mail, as it is Low Priority.

  • Later on, said supervisor stops by my desk, to ask about getting some logins. Ah-ha! He's finally learning that I ignore many of the e-mails I receive, and the best way to actually get something from me is to bother me in person. It's only taken a few years for this to sink in.

  • I ask who all needs accounts on the system. I get a vague answer. (Thing 1. Thing 2.) But also a promise to check on it.

  • I send an e-mail later saying "Do you only need accounts for Blah and Blah?"

  • He forwards the message to one of our gov't workers, saying "Here are your credentials." Obviously, completely missing the point of reading an e-mail before acting on it.

  • Said government worker writes back to both of us, thanking us for such quick work.


19 April, 2006

Hey, Look, the Site's Broken!

And odds are, this message won't be displayed.

But then again, maybe it will, just to piss me off.

Update:  An upgrade to Wordpress 2 seems to have helped.

09 April, 2006

Book Haul

Because of my addiction I can't resist a bargain, I stopped by the City of Falls Church Recreation Center to check out the regular book sale that is sponsored by the American Association of University Women. There is something magical about walking into a gym filled with tables that have been stacked with books, all of them for low, low prices. As it was the second day of the sale, everything was half-price, so hardbacks were $1, and paperbacks were 50 cents. Talk about an offer I couldn't refuse.

Here's what $10.50 can buy you:

  • Various - The Science Fiction Hall of Fame, Volume I

  • Various - The Science Fiction Hall of Fame, Volume IIA

  • Joseph Heller - Catch-22*

  • Joseph Heller - Something Happened

  • Robert Heinlein - Stranger in a Strange Land

  • Robert Heinlein - Tomorrow, The Stars

  • Margaret Atwood - The Edible Woman

  • Ray Bradbury - The Martian Chronicles

  • Aldous Huxley - Island

  • Arthur Bryant - Samuel Pepys, The Saviour of the Navy

  • Isaac Asimov - The Gods Themselves

  • Dave Miller - The Complete Handbook of Home Brewing

  • Alexis Lichine - Wines of France

  • François Bourlière - The Natural History of Mammals

  • Richard E. Lonsdale - Atlas of North Carolina

All in all, a pretty good haul. It's also nice to know that capitalism is in full swing at events like that. Why should someone who loves books and maybe doesn't have a lot of money get away with paying $1 for something he or she might enjoy, when instead they could go visit the used book store that just purchased that book and is now selling it for $8? There's always a profit to be made, somewhere.

*They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, and expecting different results. This is now the third time I've purchased this book in paperback form. Both previous copies have fallen apart on me, not from overreading, but from cheap glue used to hold them together. And I'm sure that the copy I just purchased is from that same general printing. Yet I just know this is the one that won't end up in a jumble of pages at the bottom of my bookbag. I just know it.