27 April, 2006


The following happened to me today work. I can't quite figure out if it's something out of Office Space, or just the general hassle of working for the government.

  • I get an e-mail from one of my supervisors (one of the many problems with being a contractor, I have way too many people in conflicting and unrelated supervisory roles above me), asking for a login to the web calendar application I've been testing. I promptly ignore the e-mail, as it is Low Priority.

  • Later on, said supervisor stops by my desk, to ask about getting some logins. Ah-ha! He's finally learning that I ignore many of the e-mails I receive, and the best way to actually get something from me is to bother me in person. It's only taken a few years for this to sink in.

  • I ask who all needs accounts on the system. I get a vague answer. (Thing 1. Thing 2.) But also a promise to check on it.

  • I send an e-mail later saying "Do you only need accounts for Blah and Blah?"

  • He forwards the message to one of our gov't workers, saying "Here are your credentials." Obviously, completely missing the point of reading an e-mail before acting on it.

  • Said government worker writes back to both of us, thanking us for such quick work.


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