22 June, 2006

Yay, We're Doomed!

In news that will probably make Jenny pee her pants, Invader Zim is now available at the iTunes Music Store. The first episode is even free! So far, only Volume 1 is available, but hopefully the rest will soon follow.

Of course, now this means I have a more compelling reason to drop some money on a video iPod. Damn you, Apple.

19 June, 2006


Finally, my project is a success: a baboon with four asses a dog with two noses!

How does he smell?
*yuk yuk yuk*

14 June, 2006

Getting old and going to shows

Last night, Jenny and I went to the Nissan Pavillion to see the Bauhaus/NIN show. The following is non-inclusive list of the ways we realized we're getting old (although, in Jenny's case, she is):

  • We dressed normally. No excessive black. No crazy makeup. No quick dyejobs of the hair. No fishnets. Nope. Jeans and a t-shirt. The closest I came was that I was wearing my Doc Martins, but as they're more like "business casual" Docs, they don't quite count.

  • We bought tickets on the lawn. Sure, there were plenty of seats left further up, but damnit, that music is just too loud!

  • Those damn kids. See Jenny's post about the most egregious incident.

  • The last time seeing the band in concert. It was so, so long ago.

  • Dancing? Pft, yeah right. Sit down, kids, and enjoy the music. Unless you're in the pit. Then yes, do something. And seriously, if you just have to dance, remember this isn't a rave. You don't have glowsticks and whistles. So don't dance like it, dumbass.

  • We left early. Yes, we did voluntarily left early. After about an hour of NIN's performance, it was 10:15'ism, and we realized: stick a fork in us, we're done. Suddenly, our parents wanting to leave public performances early made sense.

So, aside from the opening act, a pretty good show. Bauhaus could've performned longer, but oh well.