14 June, 2006

Getting old and going to shows

Last night, Jenny and I went to the Nissan Pavillion to see the Bauhaus/NIN show. The following is non-inclusive list of the ways we realized we're getting old (although, in Jenny's case, she is):

  • We dressed normally. No excessive black. No crazy makeup. No quick dyejobs of the hair. No fishnets. Nope. Jeans and a t-shirt. The closest I came was that I was wearing my Doc Martins, but as they're more like "business casual" Docs, they don't quite count.

  • We bought tickets on the lawn. Sure, there were plenty of seats left further up, but damnit, that music is just too loud!

  • Those damn kids. See Jenny's post about the most egregious incident.

  • The last time seeing the band in concert. It was so, so long ago.

  • Dancing? Pft, yeah right. Sit down, kids, and enjoy the music. Unless you're in the pit. Then yes, do something. And seriously, if you just have to dance, remember this isn't a rave. You don't have glowsticks and whistles. So don't dance like it, dumbass.

  • We left early. Yes, we did voluntarily left early. After about an hour of NIN's performance, it was 10:15'ism, and we realized: stick a fork in us, we're done. Suddenly, our parents wanting to leave public performances early made sense.

So, aside from the opening act, a pretty good show. Bauhaus could've performned longer, but oh well.

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