28 July, 2006

Ferret video

Another test of the moblogging.


Update: I've added the proper mime-type for 3GP video, so it should actually now activate a player if you click on the link. I might need to hack the plugin a bit to get it to properly output an object or embed for the video.

Testing moblogging

Let's see if this works.
As for the picture, it was either this or a cute blonde dancing. I think the choice is obvious.


25 July, 2006

Crackberry update

Yup, I ported my number over. In under a week, even. The process was amazingly painless (ie, Sprextel didn't try to screw things up), and the Verizon Wireless support people I talked with were actually helpful.

I tell ya, if we end up getting FiOS (whenever they get around to rolling it out here, that is), I might have to stop hating C&P Bell Atlantic Verizon.

Time for some White Castle

Because the name cock ring was already taken

20 July, 2006

BSG, Season 3

Preview of Battlestar Galactica, season 3:

I even paused Zim to watch it.


Marge: I'll just have a cup of coffee.
Bartender: Beer it is.
Marge: No, I said coffee.
Bartender: Beer.
Marge: Cof-fee.
Bartender: Be-er.
Marge: (spells) C-O...
Bartender: (spells) B-E...

Went beer shopping today. I look at it as research for home brewing. Walked out with:

  • Liefmans Frambozenbier

  • Wexford Irish Cream Ale

  • Skull Splitter Orkney Ale

  • St. Peter's English Ale

  • St. Peter's Old-Style Porter

  • St. Peter's Cream Stout

  • Celebrator Doppelbock

  • Hefeweizen

  • Duchesse de Bourgogne

  • Dogfish Head Aprihop

  • The Tanner's Jack


19 July, 2006

The Cult of the Crackberry

Motorola QAh, what hath god wrought?

Purchased a Motorola Q Monday, and had it in my hot, sweaty, little hands Tuesday afternoon (go, FedEx!). Definitely liking it so far, and now spending more time than I really should looking for stuff to put on it and do with it. I've still got a couple of weeks to decide if I'm going to keep it, and make the switch from Sprextel to Verizon, so we'll see how I'm feeling about it then. Although if the last 24 hours have been any indication, I will be porting my number over within a week and selling my old i850 on eBay, toot sweet.

18 July, 2006

Minor Site Improvements

Finally got around to upgrading Gallery, and moving my main photo album to the root of images.jgumby.com. There's also an RSS feed, if you're so inclined to check it out.

06 July, 2006

04 July, 2006