30 October, 2006


So, work today has helped me to decide that yes, I need to develop a drinking problem. With that in mind, which do you think would be the better option?

  1. Bring a bottle of whiskey to work, and Irish-up my coffee in the morning

  2. Start belting down scotch when I get home in the afternoons

Leave your vote in the comments area.


  1. Personally, I think you should always have a backup plan, so do both.

  2. irish up your morning coffee. i don't want a scotched-up james at home in the afternoons. god only knows what you'd wind up doing to the cat, dog and ferret.

    besides, you need the reinforcements while your actually at work, not when you're home and can zone your brain out with xbox.

  3. holy shit. i actually typed "your" instead of "you're." i should be shot. with whiskey.