05 November, 2006

Here it is

Sunday morning, and I'm in the office. Ostensibly to do regression testing of our systems after the building people did electrical work this morning. Never mind that a) we have no formal plans for testing, so it's pretty much me saying "yeah, they still work" and 2) most anything wrong with our systems, I can't do anything about, because our group doesn't actually admin these machines. But that's okay. The important thing is that my manager makes life just that much more annoying for me.

Also, I'm drinking Starbucks coffee. I feel like such a dirty, dirty whoo-er. May the Coffee Monkey have mercy on my soul.

Update: Apparently, at some point in the past week, someone said "It will be virtually impossible for all of the power to go out while we are working on the system."

Well, to corrupt Douglas Adams: A virtual impossibility of something happening means that there is, in fact, a finite, if somewhat small, possibility of that very same thing happening.

My only consolation is that there is someone else who has been stuck here longer, and actually has to deal with getting the damn machines to power on.

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