16 November, 2006

It is the color of poo

[10:49] jgumby314: huzzah. finally got around to depositing my bonus checks, so i am now flush with cash
[11:30] GatLouca: like a toilet?
[11:31] jgumby314: yes
[11:31] jgumby314: a money toilet
[11:32] GatLouca: fascinating.
[11:32] GatLouca: would that make the money "toilet paper"?
[11:32] jgumby314: oh, nono. i mean a toilet for money
[11:32] jgumby314: that's how we get coins
[11:33] GatLouca: aaah.
[11:33] jgumby314: dollar bills shit out quarters, dimes and nickels
[11:33] GatLouca: faskernating.
[11:34] jgumby314: pennies, on the other hand, are made from animal feces.
[11:34] jgumby314: which is why they're brown
[11:34] GatLouca: eeew.
[11:34] GatLouca: gross.
[11:34] jgumby314: it explains that old saying: "see a penny, pick it up, and all the day you'll have the smell of feces on your fingers"
[11:35] GatLouca: so it would.

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