05 January, 2007

At least the weekend is here

So I'm walking down the hallway in my office building. Friday afternoon, and it's fairly quiet. Just got done with yet another meeting.

I see two people talking in the hallway. I don't think I've ever seen them before.

Maybe thirty feet away.

I speed up to a quick trot.

*click* I engage my pen, making sure the pointiest part is available.

The two men continue talking. Then the guy who's facing me realizes something's just not right.

But too late. My arm is up. And then down.


Right into that other bastard's neck. The blood is copious. So warm. So full of the life that this jerk so formerly had.

And then I snap out of it, and realize I'm just standing still in the hallway. Eyes glazed over. Idly clicking my pen. In. Out. In. Out. *click-click-click* The two guys are watching me, suspiciously.

I'm so glad it's Friday. Two whole days away from this horrid place.

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