22 January, 2007

March for life

Apparently it was Roe v. Wade day in DC. Or maybe it was March for Life.

Actually, it should just be Ugly, Retarded Hicks for Jesus day.

And I usually enjoy working downtown, when I get the opportunity. I can take Metro in, and not have to deal with traffic. I can wander around during my lunch break and get yummy food. All oddly relaxing for me, for some reason.

But not today.

Today, all I could find were large groups of people, holding up signs, espousing their beliefs. "Justice for all, born and unborn". "Abortion stops a beating heart." "Are you going to eat that cheeseburger?"

Seriously, shut the fuck up, people. Ain't none of you need to be having any kids. Supernintendo Superintendent Chalmers had it right: "Class after class of ugly, ugly children." We need to put a stop to this.

I'd like to take the time to go into a reasoned monologue about why abortion should be kept legal (as it should). But fucked if I want to right now. All of those hicks make me want to scrub my eyes with lye, just so I never have to see them again.

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