16 January, 2007


"Hey, we have another of those Vaguely Defined Projects."

"What does this project involve?"

"Ummm *looks* Posting something to the homepage."

"Wow, yeah, that is pretty vague. You got any content to go with that?"


"A link?"

"Not as such. There's reference to this being a press release on another site, that we need to link to."

"Hmmm. So, we don't know what needs to go on the homepage or what it actually links to. Do we even have someone In Charge associated with this project who can answer questions?"

"Yes, but she's nowhere near a computer right now."

"Ah, nice. Well, let's give this one to James. He doesn't deal with enough stupid shit everyday."

*me, looks up* "Huh? Wuh? Oh, fuck me, mate. Thanks."

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