29 January, 2007

Welcome back, Kotter

Ah, one whole week away from my office. It seems like a dream, now. And I've only been back for about two hours.

Already, three four phone calls, and one in-office meeting. 100+ e-mails to sort through.

And my favorite part: While I was gone, a request came in for a more specific web analysis report for a component. Now, normally, this is no big deal. I would get the request, set up the report, and process the data. It takes a couple of days. No big whoop, right?

Yes. Big whoop, indeed.

Two people, who know nothing about this whole process, managed to send an estimate in to our über-boss of 100 hours. And that it couldn't possibly be finished until February 28th. Yay, brilliant. Even better, über-boss sends me an e-mail asking if the estimate was correct. What's a guy to do? Support his "management chain", and stick behind their fucking loopy estimate that they pulled out of their collective asses? Or give a realistic estimate that makes him look better in the eyes of the über-boss?

Yeah, you know what I did.

"I can get this done in about 1/3rd of the time. Do you know why? BECAUSE I AM AWESOME!"

And so after all of these phone calls, I can sum up the morning with this IM conversation with a co-worker:

[09:27] me: she is trying to manipulate the task so that it looks like it is close to 100 hours of work
[09:27] co-worker: heheh

[09:27] co-worker: yeah, cuz' she doesn't want herself look bad by listening to T's advice
[09:29] me: the best thing to do in that case?
[09:29] me: don't take T's advice!

Only six more hours to go.

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