20 February, 2007

Fun stuff


  • Buy fancy clothes (well, fancy for me, at least)

  • Make sure nice shoes have not disappeared

  • Shaving of the face, so as to look presentable


  • The wearing of said fancy clothes

  • Find out if I can still tie a tie

  • Trek downtown

  • Kick ass and take names

Wish me luck!

13 February, 2007

Five seconds

The Fellowship of the Rings, oh so accurately condensed to five seconds:


Reactions to the snow this morning:

*from approximately 15% of the population*
OMFG! water! from THE SKY!
and it FLOATS!
is this that RAPTURE thing they keep talking about?
my shoes hurt!
well, no matter what, i shall drive slow...FOR SAFETY!

*from the rest of the population*

12 February, 2007

Do you know

*phone rings* *phone is answered*

"Do you know the IP addresses of those boxes?"

"What boxes?"

"The new boxes?"

"Oh, those boxes. No, I do not. Much like I said when asked the same question an hour ago at the meeting I got called into that I had no knowledge of for a project that I never knew existed until five minutes after I got into said meeting."

"Oh, okay. So we'll have to ask someone else what the addresses are?"

"I can see why you get paid the big money."

11 February, 2007


Not only was I living in sin while I was in North Dakota. But apparently, also committing a sex crime.

09 February, 2007

Great Caesar's ghost!

Just one more week, and hopefully things will be different.

07 February, 2007


Happy and peaceful, soaking up some sun:

Callie enjoying the sun

05 February, 2007

Big game

My side of pretty much every conversation today:

"No, I did not watch the game last night."
"No, I felt fine. Just didn't watch it."
"Yes, I am aware I missed all the great advertisements."
"It had nothing to do with the two teams playing. I'm just not much of a football fan."
"Fine, I'm a fag. Whatever."