27 March, 2007

early morning

2.30 a.m. - the time when the dog wakes up, needing to pee

2.35 a.m. - the time when the cat, normally afraid of everything including her shadow and small rocks, decides that it's quiet and peaceful enough that she must go exploring outdoors, since the door is open anyways. (mercifully, not so curious as to run away, but curious enough to annoy me, cos i wanna go back to sleep, damnit)

26 March, 2007

Alright stop

alright, stop. collaborate and listen.
ice is back with my brand new invention.
something takes ahold of me tightly
something something daily and nightly
will it ever stop?
yo, i don't know
turn off the lights
and i'll glow

Completely apropos of absolutely nothing, that came into my head.


It's not like I was listening to Queen's Under Pressure, and just got that stolen sample stuck in my head. Nope. Was typing an e-mail, and it just started.

And what's worse, is that this means that some small portion of my memory is being used to store the FUCKING LYRICS to shitty, early-90s, whiteboy rap.


to the extreme
i rock a mic like a vandal
light up the stage and
wax a chump like a candle

My only hope is that by seeing these lyrics, Ice Ice Baby will get stuck in your, so that you too may suffer along with me.

HAHAHAHA! suffer, bitches!

16 March, 2007

Huzzah for me

American Express card is now paid off. One step closer to financial solvency.

10 March, 2007

funky beats

funky beats, yo.


drunk, yet i can still look up urls. werd!

and that, jasper, is, more or less, the way it is in the hood.

mmmmmmm........rum. and coke. well, actually, pepsi. way better than what they served at mr. jays. and whatever multiple other drinks that i drank. alcohol: proof that god exists, and loves us. -- loosely quoting ben franklin.

this post took way more time to write than i care to admit

pinto beans envy my power!

09 March, 2007

Bang my head slowly

Part of an e-mail message that I sent out earlier today:

Have you been receiving form submissions to something@foo.com over the last couple of days?

The response:

Quick question - have you seen other tips being submitted to the new addresses or were you talking about the old something@foo.com account?

Way to read for comprehension.



I said "GOOD DAY!"

08 March, 2007


While work has been annoying, it hasn't been quite the same kind of annoying that provides amusing things to write about. So just to let everyone know that I care about them and give them something to read, I present some amusing webcomics from the last few days:

And non-comic related links:

Bon appétit!