25 April, 2007

Best. Letter to the editor. Ever.

Daylight exacerbates warning. (Thanks to Metafilter for this one)

At first my bullshit detector started screaming. "Can anyone be this dumb?" There are certainly ways to generate your own fake newspaper clippings. Perhaps it's just that.

Oh no. A quick Google search for the Arkansas Democrat Gazette found that it's not only a real newspaper (for certain values of real, I suppose), but that you can search through their archives. And search I did! So yes, a letter with this headline does, in fact, exist. I do not, however, want to pay $1.95 to actually read it. (Seriously, $1.95? I might consider paying that much for a letter or article from the Washington Post or BBC websites...but frackin' Arkansas? Get over yourselves.)

Update: A free version of their archives. Interesting business plan.

My favorite part:

"Perhaps this is another plot by a Liberal Congress to make us believe that global warming is a real threat."

NEVER MIND that this whole daylight saving foofarah was passed by a Republican congress, and a Republican president signed off on it. It is truly amazing how quickly we forget who was in power for so long.

And I guess if anyone wants to contact the writer and ask them about global warmning, they can do so.

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