08 April, 2007

Everything must go

Or something like that. The following is a list of books, DVDs and CDs that I'm going to get rid of. If you know me IRL, and want any of this stuff (for free!), let me know and I'll reserve it for you. Otherwise, off it goes to Goodwill or the CD Cellar:

paperbackUpanisadsOlivelle (Trans)
paperbackQuotable SexMcKenzie
paperbackMadame BovaryFlaubert
paperbackThe Bhagavad-GitaMiller (Trans)
paperbackThe DispossessedLeGuin
hardcoverThe Innocents AbroadTwain
hardcoverThey Called Her StyreneRuscha
softcoverWhat the Buddha TaughtRahula
softcoverWhy Do Clocks Run Clockwise?Feldman
hardcoverThe Proper Care of Fancy RatsMays
hardcoverBhagavad-Gita As It IsPrabhupada
hardcoverThe Art of WarGriffith (Trans)
softcoverEarth in the BalanceGore
hardcoverHow to Overthrow the GovernmentHuffington
hardcoverCat StoriesHerriot
hardcoverBuster's DiariesHattersley
hardcoverBushmanders & BullwinklesMonmonier
softcoverHinduism - A Cultural PerspectiveKinsley
softcoverMarxian EconomicsEatwell / Milgate / Newman
softcoverCharlie MikeScott
hardcoverThe Minus ManMcCreary
hardcoverThe Girl Who Loved Tom GordonKing
softcoverSword of King JamesLee
hardcoverPrimary ColorsAnonymous
hardcoverThe 9 Steps to Financial FreedomOrman
hardcoverEdgar Allan Poe: Sixty-Seven TalesPoe
hardcoverRose MadderKing
hardcoverDragon TearsKoontz
paperbackThe Long Dark Tea-Time of the SoulAdams
softcoverYukon Ho!Watterson
softcoverSomething Under the Bed is DroolingWatterson
softcoverWeirdos From Another Planet!Watterson
softcoverIt's a Magical WorldWatterson
softcoverThere's Treasure EverywhereWatterson
softcoverHomicidal Psycho Jungle CatWatterson
softcoverThe Essential Calvin and HobbesWatterson
hardcoverThe Authoritative Calvin and HobbesWatterson
cdPunk Goes 80'sVarious Artists
cdTwice Upon a Time - The SinglesSiouxsie and the Banshees
dvdThe Princess Bride 
dvdMonty Python and the Holy Grail 


  1. Wait you are getting rid of stuff...

    I must have misread that.

  2. Why, o, why would you ever want to get rid of Siouxsie & the Banshees, even a greatest hits?


    And Princess Bride & Monty Python on DVD? You are dead to me. XD

  3. hahahaha.

    rest assured, my friend, those three are all duplicates. i now have the super-mega-deluxe-extra-special versions of holy grail and princess bride.

  4. Give the gift of Poe to the awkward coffee shop lesbian. She will smile.