31 May, 2007

Well Crap

Just great. First, the wolfpocalypse. Now we have to worry about the robot-ocalypse.

If the zombies ever get their shit together, we're in for a world of bad.

25 May, 2007

Exotic Birds

Trent Reznor talks about computer-assisted music:

Ah, the 80s.

22 May, 2007

Random Crap

Just some random links for y'all:

(Oh yeah, most of those Derrick Comedy videos aren't safe for work. ESPECIALLY National Spelling Bee!)

16 May, 2007

Decisions, decisions

So my bank wants to give me money for a car. Lots of money. And quite frankly, I want to take their money. Not that there's anything particularly wrong with the car I'm currently driving, but, well, c'mon...shiny new things! (That and the fact that the car is more than 13 years old, and has nearly 100k miles on it. Sooner or later, stuff is going to start breaking.)

Right now, I'm leaning towards the Suzuki SX4. Randy just bought one, and is happy with it. And I enjoyed driving it, even if I did manage to stall it several times. Chris' Mazda is also quite nice (with a more comfortable clutch), but it lacks AWD. (And quite frankly, I'm sure the Suzuki's clutch will feel "normal" within about 50 miles of driving it.)

(Not that I desperately need AWD, mind you. I certainly don't have a lot of call for going off-road. But damn, it will be nice to have in the winter, while dealing with people who can't drive for shit in the snow, as well as the DC/Metro area's piss-poor response in terms of snow removal.)

There is currently a SX4 Sport on the lot at the dealer in Fredericksburg, VA, right now. Unfortunately, it's pearl white. And that's the only color available in a sport model within 100 miles of here. However, there is a dealer not far from my parents' place that has the metallic blue (which is my preferred color) available. But I'm not visiting my parents until next month for a family reunion.

So, do I...

  • ...go for immediate gratification, and get the white one?

  • ...call the nearest dealer, and see about ordering the car I want?

  • ...visit my parents earlier and get the blue one that is currently available down in NC, before it's purchased by someone else?

  • ...just wait until next month, and hope that what I want is still there?


SEVERE WEATHER ALERT-Accuweather has advised that there is a chance of heavy thunderstorms this afternoon and evening. The best chance of thunderstorms are between 3:00 pm and 7:00 pm. Total rainfall may be up to 1 1/4 inch. Expect hard downpours, wind gusts up to 60 mph and cloud to ground lightning.

No biking today, I guess. Although if I could get those 60MPH gusts as a tail wind, I could make some pretty decent time.


Murder. Rape. Computer piracy. According to Alberto Gonzales, these three acts are all worthy of the same punishment.

And, of course, the RIAA gets special treatment.


15 May, 2007

Item #3918

Addiction is just a fancy medical term for super-strong love:

Home Purchasing Club

11 May, 2007

The war on (some) drugs and (some) users

Want free marijuana and cocaine? Want to get off scot free even when you get caught? The answer is easy, my friends: become a police officer.

Huzzah for the double-standard!

10 May, 2007


HOLY SHIT, i need a gun so i can shoot my screen....because i will never find a video better than this on teh internets:

Good old Queen

You know what makes me feel better? Listening to a lot of Queen while I'm work. God damn, do they rock.

Select artist ("Queen"), and just play every track I have by them in shuffle mode.

"We Will Rock You" + "We are the Champions" = AWESOME. So awesome, in fact, that the iPod even knows to KEEP THEM TOGETHER when in shuffle mode.

08 May, 2007

99 problems

Ah, this amuses me:



05 May, 2007

02 May, 2007

I want to ride my...

...BICYCLE! Right now, in fact, instead of sitting in my windowless bunkeroffice breathing mechanically recycled air. Stupid nice weather outside, taunting me while I toil away.

Yesterday was day three of getting back into riding, after a strange and often cold winter. (Plus, the laziness really factors into the not riding thing.) Was finally able to do the short journey (the house -> the bridge over rt 7 -> the house) without a) feeling woozy at the halfway point and b) having all kinds of pain throughout my back and neck afterwards. So, victory for me on that front.

I even considered crossing the bridge and heading out to Vienna yesterday, I felt so good, but realized I would still have to get back to Arlington. Hopefully I can get back to regular rides out to Vienna (two or three times during the week), and start adding trips to Reston (or points further west) on the weekends. *crosses fingers*

01 May, 2007


So is there really a disease wiping out the bees, or did we just miss the message "so long, and thanks for all the pollen"?