02 May, 2007

I want to ride my...

...BICYCLE! Right now, in fact, instead of sitting in my windowless bunkeroffice breathing mechanically recycled air. Stupid nice weather outside, taunting me while I toil away.

Yesterday was day three of getting back into riding, after a strange and often cold winter. (Plus, the laziness really factors into the not riding thing.) Was finally able to do the short journey (the house -> the bridge over rt 7 -> the house) without a) feeling woozy at the halfway point and b) having all kinds of pain throughout my back and neck afterwards. So, victory for me on that front.

I even considered crossing the bridge and heading out to Vienna yesterday, I felt so good, but realized I would still have to get back to Arlington. Hopefully I can get back to regular rides out to Vienna (two or three times during the week), and start adding trips to Reston (or points further west) on the weekends. *crosses fingers*


  1. i'm taking snuffy and heading out to great falls. just thought i'd share.